Ask God for forgiveness not me (Tuesday 18th April)

It happens that Lucio’s son bumps into Diana and her auntie at a restaurant and intoduce themselves to each other.

Renata asks Fausto if he’s annoyed because Mateo is visiting Diana but he thinks Renata’s questions are always senseless.he then walks out on her. Helena apologizes to Renata for believing that Abigail was her daughter.

Abigail recollects Macaria telling her that her godmother had a bastard daughter but just gave her away and never careless what will happen to the child and also a woman was the cause of her father’s death. Abigail then asks her grandma about it but advises her to not pay attention to Macaria and her tantrums.

Mateo asks Diana to marry him before he goes to make his specialty in Spain and she says YES in so much happiness and Diana is sure they will be the most happy couples in the whole wide world.

Macaria asks Fausto not to kick Lucio out of the hacienda and so Fausto asks him to kiss his foot and beg him to not fire him and he does exactly that.

Diego runs into Max and explains to him how to arrive to the town he is looking for.

Patricio asks Renata when she’s planning to bloom again and he kisses her and wants her to leave Fausto but she says she can’t because she is tied to Fausto and now she can’t even take decisions for herself again and the fact is she doesn’t love him (Patricio) and nothing but Friendship can only exist between them but Patricio is willing to fight for her.

Diego and Mateo smooth things over between them and then they go on race with their horses and after swim together in the river.

Benito confronts Lucio and takes some of his workers to work at “La Enramada” but Lucio warns him that he is going to regret doing that.

Fausto defends his nomination for town mayor at the Grape Producers Association but they think Fausto is not fit for the position since his proposals looks like a fraud thing. In the same vein, Simona works with groups of women and whiles Diana thinks Simona doesn’t deserve it, Mia thinks Simona deserves that position.

Lucio leaves a banana skin on the floor to make Vicenta suffer an accident. Benito reports the situtation to Diego and Mateo and mateo rush to take care of her.

Mia asks Diana who is going to help her now to get her son out of jail and Diana goes speechless.

Renata reveals to Macaria that Patricio kissed her and Macaria sees Fausto and wishes to tell him something.

Mateo tells Abigail he’s going abroad to study his specialty and she confesses to him that she loves him madly.
 | Ask God for forgiveness not me (Tuesday 18th April)

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