Ask God for forgiveness not me (Thursday 6th April)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Fausto is determined to get Renata pregnant to have a child with her and asks her to be nice to avoid hurting her again.

Father Francisco chats with Helena and they remember how Gerardo Lopez Guerra committed suicide.

Helena is waiting for Mateo to go to Diana’s house, but he tells her that dinner was cancelled. Helena tells Mateo that she’d prefer a girl like Abigail for him and not Diana.

Renata and Patricio are chatting at the riverbank and she says she would have liked to fly, but her wings were cut but Patricio encourages her to still have hope because everything will be fine.

Lucio tells Fausto that he’s playing difficult with Macaria as he told him, but he’s scared Macaria will sends him to hell and their plans of making her believe he wants to betray him are ruined but Fausto still wants him to pursue what he told him and pretends to join hands with Macaria to hurt him (Fausto).

Mateo asks Diego if there’s anything between Abigail and him and he says No but he truly love her.

Lucio asks Meliton for a remedy to be able to sleep because he has many nightmares and Militon thinks he is reaping what he’s sowed.

Before going to his date with Diana, Mateo goes to see Abigail and they argue about Diana’s relationdhip with his uncle but Mateo refuses to believe a thing.

Lucio calls his son and finds out he’s going on a pleasure trip to Europe.

Mateo kisses Abigail and she slaps him on the face.

Renata and Patricio go on chatting at the riverbank and all of a sudden the horse gets very nervous and throws Patricio away and as a result he breaks his leg.

The town backs up Simona as a candidate for the presidency against Fausto.

Abigail realizes she was robbed of the money her grandmother gave her and wonders who could do that.

Mateo tells Renata and Patricio the good news he’s going to study a specialty to be able to operate on Renata and she sees again but Renata though happy still loses hope if even she is to undergo the operation.

Abigail and Diego decide to ask the bank for a loan to pay the workers since the money her grandma gave her was stolen.

To make Mateos jealous, Abigal kisses Diego on his mouth and this hurt him very much whereas Diego looks so confused with Abigails’ move since she’s never expressed any interest in him.

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