Ask God for forgiveness not me (Thursday 16th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,

Helena tells Fausto that his nephew has mentioned to her that he’s fallen in love with a girl called Diana Montero and quickly Fausto’s heart jumps into the air. He drives straight away to see Diana but their maid Theodora sarcastically told him she went out to see Mateo.

Diana’s Auntie Mia thinks it’s a good thing Abigail came into the show since that will help rescue Diana from the embarrassment that might have arise between Fausto and Mateo as with that Diana can forget about Mateo and be with Fausto but she says no Mateo must be hers.

Abigail asks Renata if she knew her father and the family he came from and Renata assures Abigail her father was a great guy and so she shouldn’t think worse about him because her parents truly love each other and their love was full of tenderness and sacrifice and after Renata uttered these words she actually becomes sentimental and remembers Pablo as her great love.

Fausto warns Mateo he won’t allow him to have any relationship with Diana because she flirts with other men but Mateo asks him if he could be one of those men and he thinks Mateo is stating nonsense but all he is telling him is to stay away from that woman Diana.

Renata tells her mother she’s sure Abigail is falling in love with Mateo and Constanza thinks Renata should have told the truth long time that she had a daughter and seriously Abigail hears Constanza and she asks her questions if she knows about that daughter of Renata.

Lucio mistreats the workers and they think his bad temper is because Macaria doesn’t pay attention to him. Lucio and Diego fight with machetes but Diego’s grandma arrives to separate them.

Macaria warns Vicenta she won’t allow her grandson to get close to Abigail.

Fausto threatens Diana that he is going to kill her if he betrays him with his niece and her auntie arrives to defend Diana that Mateo is rather the one who is forcing himself on her niece though she is tying to avoid him and truly they beat Fausto to their deceit.

Mateo tries to convince Renata to allow Dr. Duarte to operate on her eyes and Mateo assures his aunt that, Abigail will have the gift she wants to give her in her 18th birthday.

Macaria gets upset because Abigail speaks with Meliton and she has forbidden her to do so but Macaria assures Abigail that Renata gave her daughter away and never even asked for her again and that makes her a wicked and a heartless person.

Mateo asks Fausto to sell him “La Enramada” but instead, Fausto proposes a horse race between them suggesting that if he wins over him Mateo will have to forget Diana for good and the vise versa.

So, Diego lends his horse to Mateo so he can compete and seriously Mateo wins the race and Fausto gives him the deeds of “La Enramada”. Fausto tells Diego is urgent that he speaks with him.

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 | Ask God for forgiveness not me (Thursday 16th March)

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