Ask God for forgiveness not me (Thursday 10th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Constanza opens Renata’s eyes and tells her that Fausto only wants to give his name to Abigail so someday if Renata is no more, he can keep those inheritance of Abigail and she asks Renata is she thought about that before and Renata goes nervous.

After receiving an anonymous letter, Father Tomás is outraged but even when Commander Barragán asks him to speak if he knows something that could clarify the case, he will not break his vow of secrecy.

Daniela, posing as Ximena, wants to take care of Patricio after finding him beat up in his house. She tells him it was wrong of her to blame him for their daughter’s death and he becomes more confused.

The day after, Renata visits Patricio in his office and she tells him she told Fausto she is in love with him. After, she also asks him to operate on her again to get her sight back and that makes him very happy. Quickly, Daniela, pretending to be Ximena, interrupts them and through her talk, Renata learns that Patricio was beaten up the night before by some thugs allegedly sent by Fausto.

Fausto calls Julio in to talk to him and tells him that if he does not give him half of the casino’s earnings he will shut it down and Julio agrees unwillingly.

Diego arrives at the hospital to have his blood sample taken for the DNA test that will prove whether he is or not Renata’s half-brother.

Simona gives Commander Barragán the letter she received saying that Fredy’s death was not an accident but rather someone pushed him down.

Lucio threatens Max with killing Father Tomás if he tells him anything about her evil doings and Max also warns him to stay away from Teodora because if he dares go near her or touch her again, he will have him to contend with.

Renata lashes out against Fausto for sending thugs to beat Patricio up but he tells him he has no idea and that he believes someone is trying to incriminate him but Renata disbelieves. Abigaíl tells him she is also disappointed too. Fausto is now intrigued about who could have ordered the beating and framed him and he asks Lucio to help him find that culprit who is trying to destroy his name.

Julio visits Diana at the hospital trying to find out something about Fausto to blackmail him but Diana has nothing to tell him and after he left, Fausto arrives and she reveals to him that she knows Mateo is his son. Fausto then tries to strangle her with a pillow but a nurse arrives and he stops.

Fausto then goes to Patricio office to tell him he has nothing to do with the beating but Patricio doesn’t believe him.

Commander Barragán and Lucio go over Lució’s statement on Pablo Ramos’ murder. After that, he asks him if he knows anything about the anonymous letter he received saying Father Francisco’s death was not an accident.
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 | Ask God for forgiveness not me (Thursday 10th August)

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