Ask God for forgiveness not me (Monday 1st May)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Mateo tells Fausto that he is going to Spain and that Diana has agreed on getting married to him and after go also with him to spain and Fausto looks uneasy but he intentionally give his blessings and wished him well in marriage.

Father Tomás tells Commander Barragán he is sure Fredy’s death was an accident, as sure as he is that there is a lot more behind his uncle’s death, but has no proof of that but Baragan.

Fausto ask Diana if she is really getting married and going away with Mateo and she answers him she is not. Fausto and Diana make love and Mateo arrives in Diana’s house and Fausto goes upstairs and hides while she opens the door. Mateo tells her everything is set for the wedding and the trip, but she tells him she is not marrying him nor going to Spain with him because she realized she doesn’t really love him and Mateo goes mad and left and Fausto thanks Diana for that great act because Mateo will never border her again.

Mateo’s day of departure arrives and he goes to say good-bye to Helena, Renata, Abigaíl and Amanda and Abigaíl is very sad.

Fausto goes back to Diana’s house and finds out that she and her Aunt Mía left the country without telling him, and seriously, he vows he will make Diana pay for that.

Commander Barragán arrives at the Flores del Ángel manor to say good-bye because he was transferred to another town. So, Abigaíl reminds him that he promised to find out what happened to her father and so he is not t forget and Barragan assures.

Amanda gives Diego the envelope containing the money Mrs. Constanza recovered from Macaria’s house and tells him to put it to good use in the hacienda but shouldn’t tell Abigail that she gave it to him and Diego is sure to do so.

Teodora informs Abigaíl that Diana left the country.

Patricio tells Renata that he is leaving town too to heal from his daughter’s death. Renata then tells him he should find his ex-wife Ximena and ask her for forgiveness, but Patricio tells her he doesn’t know where he can find her.

In the same vein, Ximena is at the mental hospital visiting her twin sister Daniela, who thinks she is the one who was rather married to Patricio and the one who lost her child and not Ximena. Ximena says good-bye to Daniela and explains to her she is getting married to a man called Porfirio.

The Election Day arrives and Simona wins but Fausto is so mad he fires all his workers and Benito hires them for the grape harvest.

In the midst of a conversation among Renata, Helena, Amanda and Constanza, they begin to complement Abigail in the act, Constanza gets upset and says that Abigaíl is Renata’s daughter but Renata doesn’t want Helena to gives ears to that because her mum is crazy.

Max is back in town and tells Abigaíl he is sorry for the way he behaved and wants to be her friend and Abigail accepts.

Ximena and Patricio coincide at the cemetery but she never let him see her.

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 | Ask God for forgiveness not me (Monday 1st May)

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