Ask God for forgiveness not me (Monday 19th June)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Mateo wants to explain to Abigaíl what Diana said during breakfast, but Abigaíl tells him she is willing to build a life with Diego.

Macaria acts surprised when she hears she does not have cancer and blames the retired Doctor from the Health Center of making a mistake because she is is sure she has cancer.

Marcelino asks Fausto what is going on between him, Lucio and Max and Fausto informs him that Lucio is his partner now and so he confronts him for putting him against Lucio and demands that he leaves Lucio alone.

Julio tells Fausto that he will support his political campaign to be the mayor and in exchange he needs a permit to open an import-export business which is only a screen for an underground casino. Fausto informs him he is aware of who he is and he knows he was in prison for fraud and that he is a fugitive.

Diana calls Macaria to humiliate her by showing her the jewelry Fausto has given her and forces her to clean her boots. When Macaria responds by telling her that Mateo is in love with Abigaíl, Diana gets angry and throws her clothes out of the closet and orders her to iron all of it.

Renata is getting ready to go to see Patricio and take her Braille lesson but Fausto asks her not to go because he is jealous of Patricio and she agrees to stay home. Fausto then kisses her and Macaria sees them. Later, Patricio calls Renata to remind her of their appointment and she tells him the reason that she is not coming for the classes. Patricio then realizes that Fausto is pulling her away from him.

Barragán asks Lucio to tell him what he knows about Pablo Ramos’ murder and he confesses he witnessed it and how he saw Bruno force him to dig his own grave and shot him in the head when he was done.

Macaria is furious and curses her life because she saw Fausto kissing Renata tenderly.

Abigaíl asks Fausto if he would give her away on her wedding day.

Fausto tells Marcelino he wants to win Renata’s trust to make her put her properties in his name.

Barragán calls Daniela to tell her that he found Patricio and that he gave him her information so he gets in contact with her, but seriously it was rather Ximena he was talking to, who find out what her sister is up to.
After hanging up, Ximena picks up another call: and it was Patricio.

Barragán is very angry because his son will not have justice and asks Renata to meet him at his home. There, he tells her Bruno killed Pablo and reveals that Pablo was his son.

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 | Ask God for forgiveness not me (Monday 19th June)

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