Ask God for forgiveness (Monday 20th March)

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Fausto pompously gives Mateo in front of the workers the deed of “The Arbor”. Later Helena asks her son to return it to his uncle also publicly, but he refuses and informs her that he will sell the ranch. Afterwards when Fausto hears that he already sold it he becomes furious, more so when his nephew refuses to tell him to whom.

Abigail hears from the lips of Mateo that he is in love with Diana and this makes her suffer.

Fausto plans to kick Diego out of the ranch, but Renata stops him and reminds him of the terms of her father’s WILL.

Macaria laughs when she hears that Mateo is in love with Diana since finally Fausto will pay for all the evil things he has done.

Fausto continues to have fun with Diana but at the same time lust after Abigail anytime he sees her swimming.

Theodora informs Abigail that Diana is crazily in love with Mateo and that on his part Fausto is pursuing her. The girl Patricio and Mateo operated on asks if she can give a kiss to Patricio and the doctor moved to tears and he has to leave the room.

Toño mentions to Abigail that she looks more like her godmother than her mother, this intrigues her and asks Macaria why she doesn’t look like her.

Fausto orders Macaria to wait on the party guests, but Renata wants her like another guest and even gives her a dress to wear.

Abigail don’t want to have the party anymore and Macaria thinks it’s because Abigail feels ashamed to introduce to people that she is her mum because she is a maid. But Abigail then questions her why she actually doesn’t resemble her and Macaria goes nervous.

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 | Ask God for forgiveness (Monday 20th March)

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