Ask God For Forgiveness Not Me: Tuesday 16th May 2017 on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Marcelino warns Fausto about Commander Barragán’s new position and how dangerous this can be for him and Fausto looks anxious..

Fausto tells Diana that their affair cannot continue because she betrayed him by marrying Mateo.
Mateo confesses to Helena that he is in love with Abigaíl and that he regrets his marriage to Diana.

Daniela remembers her moment shared with Patricio and says to herself that she is going to see him soon.
Fausto talks to Renata saying that she and Macaria can convince Abigaíl to accept so they can adopt her.

Julio and Mía talk and he tells her that very soon he will be handling Efigenia’s properties in order to keep living the way they like.

Melitón asks Diego and Benito not to tell anybody that they saw Lucio alive and they agree.

Nieves tells Abigaíl that because of her, she would stay away from Mateo for good and not even think about him again as she fells in love with him the first day she stepped in the as an employee.

Fausto is looking for Lucio without being aware that he is at Macaria’s house. Ironically, he goes to Macaria’s house to take her to make a statement to Commander Barragán and warns her to be very careful with what she says.

Ximena goes to get her sister Daniela from the psychiatric hospital and she goes to the saloon with her to make her over so she looks very nice like her.
Renata thinks that it’s better to tell the truth to Barragán, as she fears Abigaíl may hear it from some other people.

Constanza says she now understands why Bruno hasn’t come for her and its because he thinks that she is still mad at him for cheating on her with another woman and Vicinta thinks thinking about that will hurt her so it’s better they bury the past though she also remember that woman.

Motor is mad at Toño because he told Simona that he (Motor) is in love with Max and Simona misunderstanding things also goes to get Max for Motor.

Out of anger Constanza reveals to Renata about Bruno’s son he had with another woman but she looks gets upset when Renata does not believe that she has a half brother but Vicenta tells Constanza that she can’t say anything because her grandson’s life is at stake.
Melitón tells Benito that under no circumstance should Diego should know that his father was Bruno Flores.

Mateo wants Renata to try another surgery but she tells Mateo that she will not have another surgery.
Fausto and Macaria arrives at Commander Barragán’s office but he prefers to speak with Macaria alone without having Fausto to interfere and upon entering his office, he tells Macaria that he does not believe she is Abigaíl’s real mother and Macaria goes nervous. | Ask God For Forgiveness Not Me: Tuesday 16th May 2017 on UTV Ghana

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