Ask God For Forgiveness Not Me: Thursday 18th May 2017 on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Mateo opens his heart to Abigaíl saying that he loves her, but he has to be free first in order to be able to be together and Abigail’s heart is full of tears of joy.

Renata tells Amanda that she has to take the risk believing again in Fausto since she thinks Fausto has repented and has asked her for a second chance so they can adopt Abigail, but Amanda says she is very doubtful about this whole thing.

Mateo refuses to have any inimacy with Diana and she looks so surprise about his attitude towards her.

Lucio tells Melitón that before he talks to the authorities or anyone about what Fausto did to him, he must protect his son Max from Fausto so he never take his anger on him for his sake.

Mateo talks to Fausto telling him that he will divorce Diana because he is in love with a woman with whom he wants to do things right, and he will tell him later who that woman of his life is after he is divorced. Fausto then looks so surprise but not so muvh shocked because he thinks he warned him about Diana but he refused to listen.

In order to get from Simona the money she wants, Mía tells her to rob de City Hall income and cover things up not to be caught; Simona refuses to do such a thing and Mía threatens her with telling Toño the truth.
Max confronts Fausto that he will make him pay if he did something to Lucio because it is because of him that he’s made all of his so-called fortune.

Abigaíl tells Max that Lucio ran away because he hurt a person very dear to her.

Marcelino threatens his wife to stop competing with Fausto about the Mayorship if not he is going to kick her out of the house and she pleads with him to not take his anger on him though things are not going on well for him. Violeta then tells Marcelino that Mía is blackmailing Simona and that she needs the lawyer he hired when he was in the same situation.

Abigaíl makes it clear to Mateo that she never told Max that she was going to think about his proposal as he is saying to both him and Diana of being his girlfriend, he believed her and tells her that he will divorce from Diana.

Macaria warns Lucio saying that Fausto may take revenge on Max to harm him just to take revenge on him for shooting him, so, he should be careful before he talks to the authorities or harming Fuasto.

Fausto and Marcelino know that Simona’s discredit may result in something good for them, so they have to compel Mía to tell them why she threatened Simona. So, Fausto goes to see Mia to ask about it, and he starts the conversation in a way proving to her that he actually know that that so called nephew of hers is rather her son who is a fugitive and so he can report him to the police and he will be taking back to prison.

Mia then pleads with him to not report her son and Fausto is willing to do so only on one condition that she tells him why she is also blackmailing Simona.

Simona asks Fausto for a loan for a personal matter and Fausto gives it to Simona because he knows she is going to give to Mia. Simona arrives home and calls Mia to come for the money and they meet and she gives her the money but she is attacked by a hooded man and he takes the money from her.

Fausto and Renata inform Abigaíl before Macaria about their decision to adopt her and Abigail looks so confused. | Ask God For Forgiveness Not Me: Thursday 18th May 2017 on UTV Ghana

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