Ashley Nwosu: 6 years gone: Remembering late Nollywood actor

Late Ashley Nwosu

Ashley Nwosu was popular for playing a loving father, strict father, ritualist and a sugar daddy in Nollywood movies.

Ashley Nwosu played a loving father, a strict father, a ritualist and a sugar daddy in numerous Nollywood movies.

The late actor could literally personify a typical Nigerian father on screen, and when it was time to be funny, Nwosu oozed quite an appreciable comic spirit.


His villain roles were perfect. His ‘strict father’ roles were frightening enough – Ashely Nwosu was simply a talented Nollywood actor.

Born on November 21, 1954, the actor passed away at the age of 58, on April 21, 2011, after a two-week illness.

He passed away at 9:45AM, at the Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Yaba, Lagos.

Nwosu is survived by his wife and daughters. He met his beautiful wife Grace Nwosu in 1984, when they boarded the same taxi and he offered to pay for her fare.


Nwosu kicked off his acting career in 1988, and featured in over 50 movies during his lifetime.

Some of his movies include “Glamour Girls,” “Day of Reckoning,” “Power of Love,” “Outkast,” “First Lady” among others.


The Abia-Born actor had a passion for music and was working on an album before he passed away.

Nwosu made his last appearance in a Nollywood movie in “Victims of the Society” – an Elvis Chuks movie which focuses on the effect of child abuse. | Credit: | Ashley Nwosu: 6 years gone: Remembering late Nollywood actor

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