Apple announces iOS10 along with new features

The new iPhone is on the way this fall, but on the software side, Apple already has iOS10 on the palm of their fingertips and they’ve unveiled some of the new features at today’s WWDC 2016.

Aside from the Apple Music update, they have made changes to some of the main aspects of the operating system, with Siri coming to Mac, Apple TV and Apple Maps getting updates.

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One of the most used apps in iOS is getting a revamp, but more in the way we use it. Apple is letting developers build apps that will work with Messages, so you can communicate in a number of different ways. From using stickers in group threads to sending animated videos, Apple is trying to make it funner to use the app.

Apple will also have “emojifiable” words (words that you can tap and will turn into emojis) with the launch of a new set of emojis, custom font sizes and songs from Apple Music will be able to be played inside the app if received by text.



Considering Apple is opening up Siri to developers, the assistant will be able to do more in iOS10. You will be able to tell Siri what to do and she will do it straight from the screen. On launch, some of the apps that will have the capabilities include: Slack, WeChat, and WhatsApp (communication apps), Uber, Runtastic, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, and Skype.

Siri will also include intelligent suggestions that will base answers on your location, calendar, recent addresses and contact information, turning it into a mini-robot.



Maps is getting an update and redesign as well, especially if you’re an owner of Car Play. The app will be a lot more proactive and show more traffic information for drivers, suggesting alternate routes and how much time will be saved when taking the route. Maps will also offer nearby restaurant picks, turn-by-turn suggestions right on the dashboard of your vehicle and considering it is being open to developers, you’ll be able to pay for Uber, book restaurant reservations and track rides without leaving Maps.


Photos App: Will allow more powerful sorting function that will be able to read object and scene detection. It will be able to group photos by time, relevancy and make highlight reels of events or trips from your library.

Apple Home: iOS10 will allow you to control all connected and compatible accessories in your house, with a simple swipe of the Control Center and/or Lock Screen. Apple Watch will also have the power to perform actions as well.

Phone App: You will now be able to screen phone spammers thanks to the new update and read transcribed voicemails without ever listening to the message.

Apple News: The update will look familiar to the new Apple Music and will now include breaking news notifications. Not to mention subscription services.

Continuity: When you download an app to your phone, it will automatically download to Apple TV.

Raise To Wake: The new feature will work when you pick up your phone and be able to see notifications or updates. 3D Touch will allow you to respond from specific apps instantly. | Credit: | Apple announces iOS10 along with new features

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