Amaya (Sunday 13th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with AMAYA and in today’s Episode.
Max introduces his mother to Amaya, she doesn’t know what Lucrecia reminds her of or why she is disturbed upon seeing her. Carolina also tells her that there’s something sinister about that woman.
Lucrecia almost denounces herself when she tells Max that Cesar was too close to the exploding car, but then she adds that her maternal instinct told her so and Max looks a bit confused though his mum denied that she wasn’t there rather only reasoning through her thoughts.
The detective informs Manuel that Mauro was advised that Amaya as a small girl had turned up after the accident, report that he never received. The question here is who hid this fact about Amaya but the detective is yet to investigate that too.
Max visits Cesar at the hospital offering to help his brother to get dress so they can go home since he’s been discharged, but he and Lucrecia don’t waste any opportunity to try to keep him away from doing that.
Ivan doesn’t understand why Mariana refuses to believe that he is not like other men and won’t disappoint her. He becomes so desperate that he refuses to even talk with his father.
Valeria asks for her puppy and Amaya promises her that they will look for him and that they will offer a reward so that they can find him.
Max pays a visit to Valeria and he gives her so many gifts and Valeria looks so happy and very thankful.
Whiles Amaya sees Max out of the ward, Horacio arrives and seeing how close they were, he tries attacking Amaya on what Max the coach is doing there?
During the trip to Italy Mauro recalls the time when he met Florencia, their wedding plans and also how Lucrecia showed up stating that the baby she is expecting was his. Also, how they suffered when they had to separate, and then David telling him about their impending marriage and how he almost ordered Mauro to stay away so that he and Florencia can be happy.
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 | Amaya (Sunday 13th August)

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