Amaya (Saturday 12th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with AMAYA and in today’s Episode.
Lucrecia follows Amaya and Valeria to their new house where Cesar waits for them and he gives Valeria a little dog as a gift. Lucrecia makes a hole in the gasoline tank of Amaya’s car; a pedestrian drops a match into the diesel after lighting his cigarette which makes the car explode and the puppy gets loose and Valeria runs to get it and Cesar runs behind her putting his arm passionately and Lucrecia watches the scene with anguish and Valeria and Cesar are hurt. With her car’s explosion, Amaya remembers the explosion of the airplane where her father died.
Constanza asks her father to fire Amaya because she doesn’t want her near Max but Manuel refuses to do so even after knowing the whole truth that Max wants Amaya. She then added that they even knew each other before he Manuel introduced them and that proves that he was fooled by both Max and Amaya. Manuel then becomes offended but he still thinks no matter what Constanza has to trust Max and not doubt him because without trust, there is no marriage and so if she thinks she lacks trust for Max, then she still has time to cancel the wedding.
Lucrecia intentionally calls Cesar to invite him for Lunch and after telling her about the incidence, she pretends to not know anything about it but she swears to herself that she wouldn’t forgive herself if anything should happen to herself.
Hortensia tells Mariana that Ivan told her about she rejecting his proposal but as a friend she will say she make a mistake by not accepting Ivan because he is a sincere guy with lots of qualities and a great gentleman if not he would have taking advantage of Flavia looking at the way she flirts with him and that is why she can say that Mariana is childish to turn him down so she is asking her to give him a chance.
Amaya tries to inform Horacio that their daughter is at the hospital, but he doesn’t take the call.
Manuel confronts Max for not telling him he knew Amaya and he pleads with him to forgive him.
Cesar knowing perfectly well who his mum is, he confronts his mother to ask if she provoked the explosion but she as usual denies it.
Carolina reveals to Max about Valeria and Cesar’s accident and he looks shocked and wonders what Cesar was doing with Amaya and Caro explains that Cesar is selling an apartment to Amaya and that is how come he was there and Max decides to go with Caro to check on them at the hospital.
The doctor informs Amaya her daughter doesn’t have any serious burn, but asks her to spend the night in the hospital. Amaya visits Cesar to thank him for what he did for her daughter and putting his life at risk to save her daughter.
Horacio informs Negro he has the invoices ready and he records him while he starts with the plan thus how he’s going to go about it.
Ulises meets Mariana on the way and he tries to convince her to give her a ride home but she accepts this time around and Ivan sees her from a distance and looks so hurt.
Alan telephones his mother to tell her his father was taken to the hospital for a heart problem and she promises him to take the first plane back home. Juliana then looks so worried about the situation but Jorge is there to calm her down and promises to go with her to Italy as well as Mauro.
Max introduces Amaya to Lucrecia at the hospital and Amaya looks so surprise and speechless.
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 | Amaya (Saturday 12th August)

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