Amaya (Friday 19th May)

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Max tells Constanza they’ll have to postpone the wedding because he has many things on his mind like his project, and since his project is not accepted in the company he will have to postpone his marriage with Constanza so he will look for a new company who will accept his project to have an independent life. Constanza then looks anxious and asks what then will happen to both of them Max says without having his own work it will looks so irresponsible of him to take care of him after marriage. He explains to her that without a project he will have no job and that without a job he cannot support her the way she is used to.
Cesar tells his father that his brother’s project is not worthwhile and that he must not vote in his favor before the Board but his dad thinks he has to support Max but Cesar thinks Max’s project will be turned down by the board and there he will bear with him that he is not envious of his brother but the project is rather not worthwhile.
Juliana informs her husband that she has plans to go to Mexico alone for her father’s birthday party but unannounced to make sure that Mauro and truly the rest of the family actually did wish to meet her husband and son and his husband thinks that is the best idea and he looks glad that she has agreed to meet her dad and putting away the past.
Amaya asks Cipriano why he hates her, he answers that because they made him believe that she would receive a great inheritance, which was not the case but rather turned out to be a waste. Amaya then asks Delores if she truly has a land but she anxiously lies and tells her that she is not to pay attention to Cipriano because he always talks nonsense whenever he is drunk
Jorge remarks that it is a waste not to sow coffee in the high land, Hector informs him that Mauro has never allowed it.
Mariana asks Dolores if Amaya’s land is in the Paradise ranch and she says yes but those people there banned her from investigating more about it and Mariana still wants to know more but Dolores shuns her and warns her to stop putting her nose into things that might end her in trouble but Mariana says to herself that even if her mother refuses she is going to discover everything concerning Amaya’s inheritance.
Constanza tells her dad that Max’s Project is now his priority and until a company accepts that project he is sure that their wedding has to be postpone and that she can no longer wait and so she asks her father to try convincing Mauro to also accept Max’s project and also try convincing the other board members but Manuel thinks he can only propose but can’t convince or force Mauro to accept the project but will do everything try his best.
Cesar tells his mum Lucrecia about his father always supporting Max and not trying to agree with him one bit because he wants to support Max in his project though he’s told him that the project is crazy and outrageous so his mum asks Cesar not to feel bad because she knows what to do.
Lucrecia tries blackmailing Mauro to prove to her that he is not only interested in his other children especially Max than Cesar by Rejecting Max’s project in front of the board and Mauro tells her to not insinuate awful things because he knows he has five children and loves them equally but still Lucrecia wants him to do just that to prove it that he truly loves Cesar too.
Max reveals to Salvador that he met a woman and that is the woman he rescued but he truly moved his feelings and can’t get her out of his mind and Salvador asks him about his feelings for Constanza which he even thought he was certain on but Max says he looks so confuse but Salvador wants him to think about his decision seriously because he might end up hurting Constanza.
Horacio knows Amaya is planning to divorce him and tells her that if she does she will be left alone because he will take their daughter from her and Amaya looks nervous.
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 | Amaya (Friday 19th May)

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