Alhaji Chocho supports Omane Acheampong’s ministry with GHC 10,000

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chocho Industries Limited, Alhaji Mustapha Oti Boateng has supported the music ministry of gospel musician, Nicholas Omane Acheampong with an amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (GHC 10,000).

Alhaji Chocho as he is affectionately called made the donation at the launch of the musicians music album, ‘anawomma’,

The herbal doctor told in an interview that he bought a copy of the CD at that amount to support the ministry of the musician who is noted for composing songs with good lyrics.

“I am a Muslim but believes in his ministry and the songs he brings out are very educative, that is why I have decided to support his ministry,” the herbal Doctor said.

Nicholas Omane Acheampong is noted for composing songs that talks about everyday life activities and seek to advise people through his lyrics.

‘Anawomma’ which was launched over the weekend is one of such songs. Omane Acheampong advises humanity to remember to be responsible in their actions as they would not occupy their current positions forever.

And this particular trait in his music, Dr Oti Boateng said is what caused him to support the gospel musician despite being a Muslim.

“Though I am a Muslim,  I support the Gospel musician because I relate to the songs he brings out, it advises humanity and seeks to make society better hence my continual support for him,” he added.

Dr Oti Boateng is a herbal doctor and the CEO of Chocho Industries Limited which produces Chocho soap, cream and a wide range of herbal products. He also operates the Chocho Herbal Hospital in Suhum in the Eastern Region.

 | Credit: | Alhaji Chocho supports Omane Acheampong’s ministry with GHC 10,000

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