Agya Koo pleads with critics not to drag him into tribal politics

Award winning actor, Alex Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo has cautioned his critics to refrain from dragging him into tribal politics.

According to him, the 2016 general elections is about issues but not who is from which tribe and who has insulted which tribe.

Agya Koo’s comment follows a demonstration staged by some residents of Odumase Krobo in the Eastern region, demanding from the flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo, his position on tribal comments purported to have been made by Agya Koo against Krobos whilst playing a role in a movie.

The group said ‘Agya Koo’ described Krobos are a people cursed by a dreaded Akuapem fetish priest to forever remain prostitutes.

Speaking at a press, Atta Boakye the Manager of Agya Koo, said there is no iota of truth in the demonstrators’ claim.

Atta Boakye accused the group of dabbling in unnecessary tribal politics which will not put food on our table.

Agya Koo and other Movie stars based in Kumasi declared their support for Nana Akufo Addo last September ahead of the 2016 election. They launched the “Agenda 57% 4 Nana Addo” to solicit votes for the party. | Credit: | Agya Koo pleads with critics not to drag him into tribal politics

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