Ace gospel musicians are still relevant – Diana Hopeson

Ace gospel musician and former president of MUSIGA, Diana Hopeson formerly Diana Akiwumi has said on Hitz FM on the TIG Show with Franky5 that she and the other ace gospel musicians like Mary Ghansah, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Tagoe Sisters among others are still relevant in the industry and so cooperate bodies should look in their direction to bill them for events.

Diana Hopeson, who has been in the gospel industry for 25 years, has said age is not a barrier because they still have the talent and they are on top of their game of which they are at any time poised for action but not necessarily to match-up with the new crop of gospel musicians. She has appealed to pastors, churches and corporate bodies to assist her with some instruments which would be used to train young people who come to her for mentorship.

When she was asked about why MUSIGA always receives backslash from the public and some musicians, the ace musician stated that it is extremely unfortunate whenever people tag them as thieves and that they do mismanage the resources at MUSIGA.

She thinks the current president of MUSIGA, Obour is also doing his bit to help build the union. According to her, she will be more than happy if people say that with evidence. She further advised those people who are fond of insulting and lambasting them for no reason to desist from that attitude.

However she believes MUSIGA is not thriving because some of the musicians who have been assigned roles at the union are not qualified hence the deficiency. She also made it clear that TV and radio stations should rather pay for playing their songs to help support them since they have invested a lot into the production work.

Diana Hopeson after 10 years has now released a song with the title Aseda featuring Okyeame Kwame. She has promised to release a single track every three months and hoping to launch her tenth album next year. | Credit: | Ace gospel musicians are still relevant – Diana Hopeson

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