A Day In The Life Of An SAPS Detective – And The Toughest Part Of The Job [Video]

“You just need to do your job. That is it.”

That’s the word from Captain Tyron Alfred Amon, a SAPS unit commander in Bellville, Cape Town.

The number of high-profile murder cases in South Africa has led to many citizens wondering just what is being done about the country’s soaring crime rates.

In light of this Times LIVE, in association with 1Life, set their sights on Capt Amon to learn more about his job as a detective.

During the video interview, Capt Amon explained how recent events have put enormous pressures on the police force and its detectives, and it doesn’t help that a typical day sees 70 to 100 cases brought in.

Straight off the bat, Capt Amon compared this to the minimal work Scotland Yard officers have to do, something he learnt when they visited South Africa and were “shocked at the workload South African police have”.

However, a seemingly positive man, Capt Amon, who has worked for SAPS for 23 years, says he is dedicated to ensuring “thorough investigations and [getting] cases through the courts” – although he admits it is a struggle.

Capt Amon explains that it’s not only his work that is challenging, and keeping his team motivated has been his most difficult task:

Exposed to violence and crime daily, Amon says he finds himself unable to “switch off” – though a game of pool, where he sees “criminals on the balls”, is a great way to relieve some of the stress.

Despite the rigours of his job, Amon remains hopeful. Criminals are apprehended “because of good detective work, [because] of good guys that are doing their job”, he says.

The interview is a part of a 10-episode series from 1Life which looks at the day in the life of a South Africa,n with a unique perspective on what is going on due to their job – and a detective’s job is surely one of a kind.

Watch the full interview below:

[embedded content]

If only all members of the SAPS appeared so approachable and ready to do their jobs, I am sure things would be a little better, no?

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