Protein shakes for toddlers

Protein is very essential in building cells. This is a worldwide known fact. Therefore, the certain amount of it must contain in the food we eat.  By “we” I mean every person and a child, not just the overweight women or sportsmen. Therefore, protein is a material for our cells’ construction. The lack of it may lead to various diseases and you feeling bad. This is why so-called protein shakes were created. These ready-to-drink liquids fulfil a human’s amino-level.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, there are a lot of controversial things about the use of these shakes.
Of course, children are our everything. That is why, below you are to read all necessary facts about giving protein shakes to, let’s say, a toddler. Finally, let us reveal the myth and truth. Here we go!

Natural or not

We know protein can be taken as part of dairies, eggs, meat etc. on a daily basis. However, why do we then need to drink some powders to substitute the real tasty products?
There are a few opinions on the matter.

Firstly, the current lifestyle of the majority of the world’s population makes it impossible to watch what we eat, to say nothing about counting the proteins. Same is about cooking the needed meals. Simple buying powder and mixing it with water or milk makes a shake irreplaceable for sportsmen, busy people and their children.

Secondly, kids as well as many adults tend to prefer tasty chocolate milk to boiled meat or simple eggs.

However, isn’t this artificial powder harmful for children?

An answer is definitely “Yes”! It is impossible to find a shake made of just protein. Unfortunately, many additional components can do huge harm to body.  You can check their effect in the reviews like Special K Challenge. Children’s, what is more, toddlers’ bodies are not fully developed. Therefore, the reaction cannot be predicted.

Yes for the natural shakes made of cottage cheese, milk, honey, fruits, nuts, oats and other products. A plenty of various recipes to any taste are on the net. Even for the naughtiest baby.



A protein shake cannot substitute the fresh products containing natural protein. An additional dose for those who need this. This is another important fact. Therefore, do not dare to make your child cut down on dairies, because he or she drinks shakes. Remember, these are only extra meals in a kid’s ration.


Protein shakes, whether natural or not, must be taken in only fresh. Try to drink it in less than an hour after mixing. You know that milk and fruits spoil very fast. It is rather dangerous for toddlers. Children often do not have an appetite and go playing instead of doing something you wish – drinking some white stuff of yours. Therefore, think over in advance when to give a shake to a child, so not to beg him afterwards.


Add extra honey. Any kid will never drink something that he dislikes one more time. A bad thing to happen, if a dose must be regular. You can also put a straw and extra chocolate or fruit for decoration and a better look. | Protein shakes for toddlers

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