The Best Winter Hats for Men

This is the season when we find ourselves taking out our heavy coats and an array of accessories out of our attics to help keep our bodies warm. One of the most functional and stylish accessories is a hat.Now is the time to add a men’s fall or winter hat to your wardrobe if you haven’t done so yet and here is a list of the best winter and fall hats for men:

The Fedora: this hat has been around as early as 1891, the cold weather fedoras are typically made out of felt and it fits most face shapes, it is a great hat to dress down or up. This is a hat you want to have in your closet for any occasion.

The Flat Cap: this hat is a classic, it can be traced back to the 14th century in Northern England, it is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front, it will fit round faces and it is generally made out of wool. This hat can be worn with anything and it is best to choose one that fits snug or just right.

The Bowler Hat: this hat has a rounded crown and is typically made of hard felt, this hat is originally from 1849 it was popular among the British, Irish and American working classes during the 19th century. This hat is best for square faces and it is typically best for an elegant look, this hat can also serve as a contrast to your casual outfit. | The Best Winter Hats for Men

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