Road to Destiny (Wednesday 26th October)

Hello wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Carlos takes the child up and he tells him how beautiful he looks and then gives him back to his supposed father Havier since that is what he thinks and he congratulates them for having such a wonderful son and Fernanda thanks him but Havier still wonders why Fernanda never told him. He then apologizes to them for any inconveniences his visit caused.
Camila tells Mariana about seeing Fernanda and she has a son which she can state for a fact that he belongs to Carlos and Mariana goes nervous but she asks her why she went there after telling her mission, Mariana thinks she was a fool to go there to ask for forgiveness.
Havier still insists that Fernanda tells Carlos the truth to prevent future effect on the child but Fernanda thinks she never knew her real father and that doesn’t bother her as she got the best father in the whole world but Havier thinks he is speaking as a psychiatrist doctor and knows the emotional trauma this sometimes have on the children as they grow but she still feel pompous because Carlos made a fool out of her by cheating on her with Isabella.
Pedro goes to check on Marissa and Carlos upon seeing him there grows so furious seeing him and he questions his mission there and Pedro tells him he only came to pay Marissa a visit as he heard she was back and Carlos finds it so weird that he likes his mum but her son with great passion and Pedro thinks it’s because he never loved his daughter but only pretend to but Carlos corrects him that he doesn’t know anything about what he loves and therefore should stop insinuating and Pedro seeing how the heat was burning up, he has to excuse Marissa to stop the argument.
Luis tries asking Solorzano to do justice and kill Carlos for him for an awesome price but he tells him that he wouldn’t do it for any reason in this world.
Felipe is able to help Maribel also out of prison and Fernanda together with Havier goes to welcome her back into the world with great happiness and Maribel thanks them for their help. Felipe then asks her what her plans are and she says she has no home and Fernanda says she is going to stay with her. They take her home and mother Rosaura them.
Pedro arrives home in great fury raining insults on Carlos but Fernanda makes him understand not to dare insult him again because no matter what he is still the father of her son and he is the fruit of the love she shed with Carlos and Pedro has tells her that Carlos is still dating Isabella which he saw it with his own eyes and Fernanda walks out of the room and whiles thinking, Carlos arrives from behind her to hug her and kisses her which Fernanda couldn’t resist but has to reply his kiss. Carlos seeing that, then confesses his love to her which Fernanda thinks it won’t be possible because Isabella is still his love because she knows he went to Houston with her and so Carlos clears everything to her about going there specifically for her mum’s sickness and nothing else and though Isabella was there but as a best friend of his mum but she refuses to believe him. Carlos then also tells him about her leaving with Havier to Spain and returning with a son but Fernanda still will not tell him the truth and so Carlos has to leave in doubt but before, Pedro calls Fernanda to come attend to her son as he’s awaken. Carlos then wonders and asks her why she is living there and not with Havier and she thinks that’s none of her business. To know more, he intentionally goes to see Havier to ask him to call Fernanda out for him if she is really his wife because he wants to speak with her but he goes speechless and Carlos answers her it’s because Fernanda is not his wife because she is just coming from Fernanda’s house as he still loves her and looks very sure that when all the anger subsides they will be tighter again which Havier sees it as impossible.
Diego always locks up Lucero anytime he leaves for school and this has caused her to be so disturbed and even asks him to allow her leave if he doesn’t love her again but Diego says that is a sign of showing how much he loves her because he is afraid of losing her but Lucero thinks he has to seek for medical help because she can see there is something wrong with him as it’s not normal for him to be locking her up anytime and Diego goes angry and warns her to stop saying nonsense and this causes Lucero to remember all that her mum told her before marrying Diego.
Fernanda takes Maribel to her flower shop and she thinks everything looks so perfect and she is sure of helping Fernanda sell as many as she can.
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