6 Powerful ways to kill low self-esteem with pride

Maintaining a high self-esteem is the surest way to hit most of your dreams. When you are self-confident, people don’t laugh at your flaws, they laugh with you. Low self-esteem can rid you of so many possibilities. Self-confidence just like any other skill can be learned, practiced and mastered.
Here are some practical suggestions on how to build a high self-esteem;
Control your inner critic.
Apart from other external factors that hinder one’s ability to maintain a high self-esteem, you are the number one factor you should consider. We all have inner critics, and that inner voice yells at us when we are unable to accomplish the things we long for even though this proves helpful at certain points, our inner critic sometimes drags our confidence down. The best route to take is to replace that inner voice with more heartening and helpful contemplations.
Face your mistakes with a positive attitude.
Truly confident people often admit they don’t know it all; hence, they are susceptible to flaws. Making mistakes is part of the human nature. Don’t view yourself as any different when you make mistakes. When you make mistakes, don’t allow it halt you in your tracks, rather, move on. Remember that quitters never win, go-getters do!
Undertake some motivational practices.
Learn to appreciate the things that you are good at, listen to motivational messages, read motivational books. These motivational practices help focus your thoughts on positive things. They help fight that inner critic that brings you down when you are not able to live to your expectations. When you try to constantly remind yourself of the good things you can do, it will give you the strength to do other things. Brooding over the things cannot do is not the best way, what you actually need is strength to do those things you aspire to achieve.
Take action
Doing something, they say, is better than doing nothing. Take active steps to something. Of course, mistakes will arise, but remember that they are part of life and that our mistakes help to better our learning experiences. Build yourself up through reading, undertake classes and so on. This will better your skills and self-confidence when you are doing something.
Don’t compare yourself to others.
Comparing yourself to others can be very destructive to the achievement of your goals. We all have different goals and talents in life. Your friend’s dream differs from yours. Again, God has allocated different times for each person’s breakthrough. Due to these varying factors, it is not the best to compare yourself to others because they are achieving greater things than you. It won’t do you any good .Work hard, pray and worry less till your breakthrough arrives.
Hang around with supportive people.
Don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down. Find a group of people who make you feel good about yourself and avoid those who trigger your negative thinking. Remember you can’t satisfy everyone. Some people will surely find fault with everything you do. Drop such friends!
Remember, low self-esteem breeds deficiencies but great confidence breeds outright excellence. Get your confidence swag on!


EnterGhana.com | Credit: Hagar Afia Ofosuwaa6 Powerful ways to kill low self-esteem with pride

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