4 Traits of powerful personal brands

Bernard Kelvin Clive is a Personal Branding Coach/Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author of thirty published books.

He is Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana.

Bernard shares his thoughts on what he considers traits of powerful personal brands.

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Influential personal brands have a clear purpose, which is the most important pillar of powerful brands —for without purpose and a clear direction of your life, brand and business, you will be building a fake brand.

The purpose should speak clearly to your promise of value. Your USP — Unique Selling Proposition.


Successful personal brands are agile, they are innovative and they are adaptable to change. They understand that brands and consumers do evolve so they adjust to the changing trends and times while staying relevant.

“Innovation and technology drives my business” – Selorm A. Betepe


Influential personal brands understand that the best way to succeed is just being themselves. The world is tired of celebrities who ain’t themselves, they soon fade. Be your best self.

“Remember it’s OK to be yourself.” – Richard Branson


You must be different to stand out! The most powerful personal brands are the difference makers, they just don’t fit in, they break rules and set new standards. They have the philosophy of trail-blazers – either they are the first or among the best. Simply Creative!

“…purge mediocrity” – Nana K. Duah




EnterGhana.com | Credit: Bernard Kelvin Clive | 4 Traits of powerful personal brands

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