21 thoughts everybody in a Trotro bus has

Picking a Trotro bus or a ‘Troski’ is one of the most affordable means of transportation in Ghana, but you can’t skip these thoughts.
Checkout 21 thoughts everybody in a Trotro bus has:

1. Damn it’s so hot here

2. Hope i get to sit next to the window

3. Hope i dont get tetanus

4. Hope i dont dirty my cloths

5. Im getting late but we have to stop at every bus stop

6. Wish i had coins for the mate

7. My long legs are hurting

8. This is the hustle

9. Now my cloths are gonna get crampled

10. Wish i had a car

11. ‘Ebola dey oo’

12. Mate my change!

13. ‘Mate misii m3si worha’

14.’ The car old oo’

15. ‘I know aaaa like i go whey taxi’

16. ‘If this money fall ground i die’

17.*Someone coughs* ‘ TB!’

18. The passenger sitting by me smells so bad, but what can i do?

19. ‘I dey pick trotro go der everyday..Mate you dey lie it be 1 cedi’

20. Everyday fuel price increase

21. ‘Herh Ghana hard ooo’

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