2017 Hajj: Over 1,300 Ghanaian pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia

Ghanaians arriving in Saudi Arabia

The third flight, the original flight Boeing 747-400series has finally landed at the Tamale International Airport to airlift a total of 506 pilgrims to Medina.

Boeing 747-400series was grounded following a technical hitch after it was scheduled to airlift the first batch of pilgrims on August, 10 2017 at the Tamale International Airport which made it impossible to arrive in Ghana although it was reported to have taken off from Jeddah.

The flight landed at exactly 5:05am Sunday August, 13 2017 and took off three hours later.

This brings the total number of pilgrims airlifted so far to 1,368 with about thousand six pilgrims left to be airlifted to Saudi Arabia.

It is expected that the remaining number would leave by the end of the fifth flight scheduled to take off from the Tamale International Airport.

Meanwhile, a total of 431 pilgrims were airlifted at exactly 9:21pm on Airbus A330 to Medina.

By: Zubaida Ismail|TV3|Ghana
Twitter: @NewsonTV3

EnterGhana.com | Credit: 3news.com

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