15 cutest things to say to the man you love

How many times have you said something to make your man happy? How many times have you said something to put a smile on his face? If you haven’t done these, then you haven’t dome anything yet.

These are some cute things you can say to your man to spice things up and make him happy.

1. If you have a man who makes you smile, then tell him: “You always make me smile, and I love you for that.”

2. If you believe he’s the perfect gentleman, tell him: “You are a perfect gentleman, other men should be like you.”

3. If he loves you dearly, tell him: “I feel so blessed to feel the warmth of your pure love for me every day.”

4. If he’s just so wonderful to you, tell him: “You’re the best man any woman can dream of.”

5. If he takes you out on a beautiful date, tell him: “Thank you for making me feel like a queen.”

6. If he works so hard, encourage him by saying: “You’re the most hardworking man any woman can ask for, and I’ll always be by your side as your biggest cheerleader.”

7. If you love his company: “Being in your arms is the best place I’d ever be.”

8. If you miss him, text him: “I miss you dear, and I can’t wait to be with you.”

9. If you want to boost his ego, tell him something like: “There’s this amazing man that I know (call his name), he’s a superman and the best man in the world.”

10. “If you love to think about him, text him: “Thinking of you makes my day.”

11. If you want to be poetic, tell him: “Loving you is like breathing, how am I supposed to stop?”

12. If you love your relationship with him: “Our life together is so amazing, I couldn’t think of anything better.”

13. If he makes you to laugh always, tell him: “You make me laugh even when I don’t want to smile.”

14. If he loves you dearly and always tries to make you happy, tell him: “You fill my heart with love and my life with happiness.”

15. During your anniversary, tell him: “If I could do this again, I’d do it with you.”




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