12 year old boy ‘chokes himself to death while taking part in dangerous online craze’

A 12-year-old boy has died after reportedly taking part in a dangerous online craze which cuts off oxygen to the brain.
Karnel Haughton, from the Tyburn area of Birmingham, is believed to have lost consciousness and suffocated.
Karnel is thought to have been playing the ‘game’ in his bedroom when he lost consciousness.
He was discovered by his mum Gemma at around 9.45pm on Wednesday and died a short time later in hospital.
Police are treating his death as ‘unexplained’.
A warning to parents posted on Facebook by family friend Bee Bailey – who describes herself as Gemma’s best friend – has now been shared thousands of times- on Facebook.She wrote:

 “My best friend Gemma lost her son Karnel Haughton who was just 12 years old. It has been a massive shock to everyone and we are all absolutely devastated. He was a beautiful, popular, clever and outgoing lad and his friends have already paid some beautiful tributes towards him.The family have decided that it is time to make it clear exactly what happened and to help raise awareness of a new craze amongst youngsters which is becoming terrifyingly popular online.

“At first we did not know exactly what happened but some of Karnel’s friends have come forward and told the police and family about a game / craze that has become popular amongst youngsters on the Internet and social media called the choking game.
“It involves either putting your hands around your friends neck or tying something around your own neck to starve the brain of oxygen and pass out, inducing temporary euphoria.

“It is so so so important that you talk to your children and make sure they know that one of many consequences of playing this game is sadly death.”


EnterGhana.com | Credit: Huffington Post | 12 year old boy ‘chokes himself to death while taking part in dangerous online craze’

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