10 Things every firstborn child can relate to

A woman and her first and second born children

A woman and her first and second born children

All the firstborn kids like me can you please raise your hands?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Growing up and being the first one among your siblings comes with a load of experiences that can be related to. From the days when you had to babysit, to days when you helped your siblings take their first steps, to when you used to hear your parents say ‘you are the first child, you’ve got to be a role model for your siblings’, the pressure was in a league of its own. Everything firstborn children have gone through has practically made them who they are. Have you noticed how any of your firstborn friends act all grown up and ‘adultish’? I mean who else would give you advice, be a listening ear and offer you support when you need it if not your first born friends?

Here are ten things only firstborn children would relate to:

  1. You have no choice other than to be the role model and leader that your siblings look up to. You have to own up to being someone they would want to respect, admire and become like. You just have to raise the bar at whatever you did in public.
  2. You are the psychologist, doctor, therapist, philanthropist and everything in between whenever siblings need you. You petted them when they cried as babies and when they had their first heartbreak.
  3. You practically co-raised your siblings in assisting your parents especially days when they were unavailable. You were a babysitter (including cleaning their bum after pooing on themselves), tutored them (those homework solving moments) and answered their silly questions when mum and dad shooed them away.
  4. You are the measuring stick for everything, whether good or bad. It is by your deeds and achievements that your siblings measure up on how well they did.
    Be feeling yourself there
  5. Try as you may, you would never again be the favourite child. You lost that spot long time ago after the birth of the next child.
  6. You come home and wonder whatever happened to your once-upon-a-time ‘hard’ parents. Suddenly they don’t use the cane anymore, they don’t raise their voices at all and your siblings can stay out as long as they like. And you are there like what?
    Wait, what’s happening here?
  7. Whatever the game it is you’re playing with your sibling, you always want to win, even at all costs. Your mighty ego won’t let you feel the shame of losing to your younger sibling. No way!
  8. You sometimes feel torn between being the cool older sibling and the responsible one when it comes to calling out your younger sibling in the event that they did something wrong. Your relationship with them comes under a strain.
  9. Oh when something goes out of place, guess whose name is called…of course yours! You are to blame for everything that happens.
    Why me everytime!?
  10. Finally you won’t even allow your younger sibling to reach particular life milestones (like marriage, graduation etc.) before you do. If you did you’ll end up having some relative asking you jamb questions about your love life (if the sibling was getting wedded).

At the end of the day, what are we without our firstborn siblings and friends? Next to our parents, they are the best thing that happened to us. They rock! #TeamFirstBornChildren


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