10 Greatest tips for dating an entrepreneur

This post is for both the entrepreneur and someone dating or interested in dating one.

It’s most people’s dream to date someone who have a safe and secured job; disposable income; investment and most importantly time for social life. However, for those dating entrepreneurs it can be extremely frustrating, especially when you have been used to dating professionals who have a 9am to 5pm working pattern Mondays to Fridays. A typical entrepreneur does not have a set routine. If you prefer a routine lifestyle, an entrepreneurial partner might not be ideal for you. They are not built the same as you and often believe that their partners just don’t get it (the hustle / grind) or get them plus their way of life.

Here are some of the tips to give you better chance of success in the relationship with an entrepreneur:

  1. Not the best communicators – You often hear them saying “Honey, I thought I told you … I have a late meeting?” The truth is often or not, they genuinely thought they did, because they had a mental note of telling you, but it escaped their mind.
  2. ‘Bipolar disorder’ – This minute they are celebrating a win, the next minute they are complaining they are not where they are meant to be and other times they are contemplating on quitting and maybe settling for a full time job, even though deep down within them they know being self-employed is the only place they want to be. Unfortunately, as their partner, your job is to be a shoulder to cry on, to reassure, and motivate, who whips them back to focusing on that their “BIG DREAM” again.
  3. Financial instability – Depending on what stage of their entrepreneurial journey, most budding entrepreneurs at the building stage within the first 5 years can’t even afford to eat a three squared meal, talk less of taking someone out on a date or buying a new outfit for it. If you are dating one, I suggest you plan for activities which are either free, cheap or indoor which might include inviting them over or going over to theirs to watch a movie/cook together. Do remember to buy what you intend to cook or drink, as their cupboard and fridge might be empty. However, when they win, which is often in a very big way, they like to stick with the person who was loyal to them during those tough times (delayed gratification).
  4. Conscientious – Their business is their baby no matter how old it is. You never grow up in your parent’s eyes. That’s exactly often how most entrepreneurs see their business no matter what stage it is. They dedicate a lot of resources especially time to make sure they are successful.
  5. Solitude – Often or not they just need a break from everybody to reflect on their journey. This might be for few hours, a day or days. Don’t stress yourself thinking they are having an affair. An entrepreneur just need time out to get themselves emotionally stable again. It might even be nice for you to suggest to them if you think they are over stressed, you will be helping your relationship by doing so. Imagine booking them that weekend retreat in their dream resort, just for them and their thoughts.
  6. Organizer – They travel a lot and scheduling most things is the only way they keep up with their busy schedule. Use Google calendar including setting reminders by the day/s or hours for your dates and other outings such as attending a family, and friends event or party. Please note, they might not be available all the time. Make  an excuse on their behalf. However, make them understand which occasions you are not willing to compromise on such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s and Christmas. They dislike their partner cancelling last minute, considering how difficult it was fitting you in the first place.
  7. Curiosity killed the cat– if you are a jealous lover, depending on which personality trait your partner is, you might not like the fact that an entrepreneur will engage with strangers while out and about. From the homeless man on the street, to waiter at restaurant to even their Uber driver. They also ask lots of questions. Just smile and enjoy the ride. The reality is Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, so they need these human interactions to create solutions.
  8. Never clocking out – they might not be able to switch off totally, even while spending quality time with you. They might put their phone on silent out of respect for you, but when that important call comes in, they might need to be excused.
  9. Natural Spotlight grabber – They can’t help it, people tend to be drawn to their confidence and personality often at times. The spotlight can benefit you too, depending on what you are into. Even with their busy schedule, they will try to support you to advance in your career or entrepreneurial journey. They tend to be very supportive and want their partner to be elevated too with you both conquering the world together. They however, despise lazy people who are contented with mediocre life.
  10. Boredom Kills – They need to be engaged in one activity or the other. They love spontaneity and change. If you are the predictable type, dating an entrepreneurial might be a bumpy ride. Do remember to wear your seatbelt, because you are going to need it.

Is this really true and applicable to all relationships?  Please let’s know your views from personal experiences.


Please note that dating an entrepreneur is a risk.  Also above points cannot be said to be applicable to all entrepreneurs. However, majority is applicable.



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